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Hello and welcome to Coffee and Kerfuffles! If you’re joining me from my free WordPress blog “Ask Mum”, thank you so much for making the jump. If you’re visiting Coffee and Kerfuffles for the first time, this post will give you a little bit of insight into my life, my family, and why this site was created. Please enjoy yourself and look around!

Ask Mum and Coffee & Kerfuffles – two blogs merged into one

What’s the first thing that’s generally uttered in the direction of your kids? For my family, it’s Ask Mum.

These days, no matter what your kids call you, mums are expected to know everything from the smallest detail like “Where’s my shoe?” to “What’s the meaning of the universe?”. While some of us aren’t exactly superheroes who know every single little thing, mums are often the most trusted to answer any question you may have. I know I’m the superhero in my family, full of knowledge on the how’s, what’s, and why’s. It’s a title that I’m proud to have, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m sure you have asked your mum everything under the sun and more. Mums are invaluable!

I’m the ‘Type A’ type of mum. I plan things to the littlest detail, making list after list, always reaching for perfection. Please do not get me wrong, I’m in no way a perfect mother and wife, but I do try. I’m an average mom. I do acknowledge that I swear too much, get stressed out, and often feel like I’m losing it. I want the best for my family but it’s not always achieved, and that’s ok. If that’s you too, you’re in the right place.

I try to make my family happy, to keep them healthy, to push them toward their best self. Most days, that’s easier said than done.

My Family

You will not see pictures of my family here on Coffee and Kerfuffles. I am extremely protective of my privacy, and the well being of my family. I will not post things they are uncomfortable with, however I can give you a few details about us.

My 7 year old son is a big ball of energy, with some of the same traits I have. He’s strong, opinionated, talkative, loud, playful, creative, empathetic, and has an amazing imagination.  At times though he is incredibly serious about everything, he’s a worrier, and a people pleaser.  Punky and I thrive on routine although we both hate being stuck in the same place for too long.

My husband is the complete opposite. The Husband is extremely laid back, a homebody, (mostly) serious, and approaches everything with a logical explanation. He makes me laugh more deeply from my soul than anyone I’ve ever met, though we butt heads quite often because I lead life with emotion and he doesn’t.

The Next Step

Now that you know a little bit about my family, I’ll explain why Ask Mum and Coffee and Kerfuffles were created. Ask Mum was born today for a few different reasons. The first being that this is my place to talk about my family with all the big changes in our lives coming up. Our current plan is to move back to the USA from Scotland in 2018. I am an American who moved overseas in 2008 for love, started a family, started a business, and after nearly 10 years am now in need of change.

Coffee & Kerfuffles

I changed sites from Ask Mum to Coffee and Kerfuffles because while I do get a lot of questions from readers about my life, I also drink a ton of coffee and have daily kerfuffles with Punky. The title Coffee and Kerfuffles just suits me better.

The second reason Coffee and Kerfuffles was built is that I love to cook, do crafts, give advice, and review products, so this is also my place to give my opinion on everything under the sun. You may see product reviews for things I absolutely cannot live without, things I love, activities for kids, craft projects, poetry that speaks to my soul, book reviews, music, inspirational quotes, and memes. I love a good meme!

Eventually I will post recipes that my family loves, and recipes that have been handed down through the generations of my family. Along with the recipes, I’ll be posting advice from my own mom too. This is mainly my place to brain-dump things that I’m passionate about. I will be posting affiliate links in some of my posts starting shortly, but each post that contains an affiliate link with have the proper disclaimer.

If all this appeals to you, please stick around! But if not, well, I’m sorry and I hope you find what you’re looking for. If you have any questions, just ask.


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  1. Arune says:

    Hi Amanda!
    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you as one of the nominees for the Liebster Award – if you choose to accept, you can find my Q&A to you here: https://www.morethanaplate.com/10-random-things-may-not-know-2017-liebster-award-nominee/

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