So, it turns out that Punky needed a bit of extra help during the summer holidays so he could get caught up to his class for the current school year. He was a bit behind his peers, which we remedied by attending his occupational therapy appointments to strengthen his hands and work on clearing up his handwriting. I also continued working with him doing daily activities such as games and worksheets at home as recommended by the school’s resource teacher.

Since the Occupational Therapist recommended we work with Punky during the summer holidays, I went on google and started searching for resources to help him. There is a real lack of resources available to regular parents like me on Google and Pinterest! Unfortunately, in my search, I only found a few things that would work for us using the Scottish Curriculum For Excellence. So, I reached out on Twitter for help!

I decided to ask for links to resources for homeschooling using the Scottish CFE on Twitter. I connected with EmmaJane (@BloggingMama101) who is a home educator in England. She recommended Twinkl to me and uses it herself for her children. She tagged the Twinkl social media team into the conversation, and I’m honestly glad she did.

What is Twinkl?

Twinkl is a website built by teachers that has materials for all children aged 0-18. It has a wealth of information such as lesson packs, powerpoints, planning, assessment, display materials, craft ideas, and much more! Twinkl has curriculums available for a ton of different countries!

Now, Twinkl is a subscription-based program. There is a fee involved before you can access the materials, but it is well worth the minimal investment! They have 3 different levels of membership – Core, Extra, and Ultimate. I opted for Core at the moment (which has the least amount of resources), but I’m still blown away. There’s just SO much available even for those who don’t need the ultimate package!

Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better resource website.

Before summer vacation started, I scoured the Twinkl resources and putting together my own summer curriculum focusing on handwriting and story worksheets and more for Punky. The teacher-created materials available are fabulous. Fabulous, I say! Not only do they have full-color materials, they also have materials that are only black and white which saves ink. It’s a great thing! You can also use Twinkl Create to make your own teaching resources tailored to your homeschool environment.

Twinkl Create

I’ve played around with Twinkl Create a little bit, and I think it’s a fantastic tool. If your kids like writing out silly sentences on their handwriting worksheets, you can make them as silly as you want to! No more sticking to “The lazy dog jumped over the quick brown fox” which gets boring quickly for even adults to write or type out.

There are also many other things you can do with Twinkl Create, such as make your own classroom signs, flash cards, name cards, bookmarks, world builder games, phoneme frames, and more.

I made up a quick crossword puzzle for Punky using Twinkl Create. It was Minecraft themed! He loved completing it. The only suggestion I have for the crossword puzzles is not to make your clues too long. If they’re longer than the boxes Twinkl Create gives to type out your clues they’ll get cut off when you try to print the page.


Home Resource Book

I made a resource book using the Twinkl materials that include my lesson plans for the entire summer break for indoor activities. I was even able to make completion certificates for when he finished each module. His favorite certificate by far is the one I made for finishing his summer reading list!


Twinkl Subscription for Schools

The biggest surprise that I came across is that Twinkl has a subscription for schools as well as for parents. Schools can choose between the Core, Extra and Ultimate packages for 10-60 staff members. The subscription price varies, of course, but I highly recommend a subscription for your school if your teachers are struggling for ideas in the classroom. You won’t be disappointed!

Punky’s school even uses Twinkl materials! This makes it easy for me to keep on track with their curriculum to get caught up from Primary 3 and to transition to Primary 4 lessons.

End Note

Whether you’re a full-time home educator, are supplementing your child’s education over the summer break, or are a teacher in need of additional resources. I highly recommend Twinkl! You can find Twinkl using the links below or click on the Twinkl badge in our footer to go directly to the Twinkl website.

I will always recommend Twinkl to every parent who is looking for school resources for their kids. They are fabulous. We love Twinkl!

This is not a sponsored post. I received no compensation for writing my review; I am just a happy mom who loves the resources Twinkl has available!

Thank you to Twinkl for allowing me to use your logos in this post. To check Twinkl out for yourself, go to, or find them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+

2 thoughts on “Twinkl – Resources for Home Educators

  1. Jeanne says:

    Thank You Amanda, We may have to check out twinkl for a few rainy day activities for punky’s cousin, punkette! I think she’d enjoy having some activities available when she gets bored at my house. <3 <3 Mom

    1. Amanda says:

      I’m sure she would! Punkette is a great nickname for her – She and Punky seem to be attached by the hip even though they’re 5800 miles away from each other!

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