Before you read too far, I want all of you to realise that this is a different type of post today. If you have a problem with me ranting about the male species flashing their genitals on social media and in messaging apps, this post is not for you.


Men: What in the actual fuck is wrong with you?

Do you think it’s flattering for a woman to open up her social media accounts to check her messages and see an unsolicited dick pic? Do you think we want to see your shrivelled up balls and pathetic little peen in our faces first thing in the morning? NO!

What ever happened to the days where a man would be respectful enough to wait until a woman ASKED to see your junk before whipping it out? For fucks sake, get a grip!

I’m not saying all men do this. I have many male friends and follow many men on Twitter who would never dream of assaulting a woman in this way. It’s the type of men who do these things that give all men a bad name. If you’re not the type of man to send pics of your peen to unsuspecting women, please don’t start saying “But not all men!” This isn’t aimed at you.

If a woman decided to flash her vulva or breasts all over the place, you’d slut shame her. Why should the behaviour of men be held to a lower standard? Stop with the double standards!

This is getting out of hand

Over the last few months I’ve received more than a dozen unsolicited dick pics. I’ve also received messages from several men asking me to send them pics of my breasts. Honestly, it’s making me weary to accept follows and contact requests from men because who knows what the next message will contain?

I’m not blaming solely my generation for this either. Most of the unsolicited dick pics I’ve gotten are from men in their late 40’s to mid 50’s with greying pubic hair. These randomly send me messages saying “You’re beautiful!” or “You have such lovely eyes!” on Twitter and over Skype, then BAM unsolicited dick pic.

For reference, my skype account is used purely for meeting with my clients who are located all over the world. I don’t want to see that shit when I’m trying to work, you know, or ever.

Name and Shame, ladies!

When I confront these assholes by saying I’m going to name and shame them publicly, they plead for me to keep it between us. Why? If you’re afraid of being judged in public, why do you do such horrible things? I have also been told that it’s a “private” matter. Really? It’s private? If you thought it was such a private matter, you’d keep your trouser snake to yourself!

I was told (by the man who sent me an unsolicited dick pic just this morning) that unsolicited dick pics are the equivalent to watching pornography. The difference here is that people who watch pornography actively choose to do so. Women who receive unsolicited dick pics do not choose to look at your twig and berries unprovoked. We don’t actively seek you out and request pictures of your genitals.

I think some of these guys need some serious sense knocked into them, preferably with Mjolnir.

A Warning and End Note

This is my warning for all men who send me unsolicited dick pics in the future. You will be named and shamed publicly on all of my social media channels. I have created a new category; Name and Shame here on my blog. This category will feature the names and profile pictures of people who send me unsolicited pics.

Oh, and just a little word of advice; I’m pretty awesome at finding out personal information about people I’m looking for. If you don’t want your employer finding out about your lewd behaviour online, it’s best you don’t target me.

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