Tensions ran high in my house this morning. Punky did not want to go to school today. Being the last day of school, I thought it was only appropriate that he goes to collect the rest of his school work and say goodbye to his teacher.

I wanted to get a picture commemorating his last day of primary 4/5. This did not happen. The Husband reported that Punky stomped halfway to school because he was angry at me for requesting a photo, then was perfectly fine the rest of the way. I think he saves all of his anger to point toward me. I feel so special.

This afternoon when I pick him up from school, I will hear all about how he’s going to miss his friends and his teacher. How he doesn’t feel ready to go into Primary 5 next year.

Drama, Drama, and More Drama

May I just say that that’s a load of bullshit? He struggled all year with a teacher who doesn’t know how to support kids who need extra help. That teacher is now moving away from the older kids to go teach p1. He had bouts of drama with kids in his class; one day they were friends, the next day they were mortal enemies. The drama was high, something akin to what you’d find in a Telenovela. There were lots of tears, lots of screaming, laughing at how weird other kids are, and vows to get revenge at any cost by Punky this year. Just thinking about it is exhausting. The good friends he made this year have standing playdates with us dotted throughout the summer, so he won’t be lonely.

Teacher’s Gifts

Did I get his teacher a gift this year? Hell NO. Teachers don’t become teachers for gifts from parents, or apparently for their very low salary. No, they become teachers because they want to teach our little monsters how to read, write, and do math and science.

I find most parents giving teachers gifts is way too over the top. Bouquets of flowers with handwritten notes and cards attached, £25 gift cards to Costa or Starbucks… All I have to say about that is fuck that. Nobody is giving me flowers or coffee gift cards to teach my child all the things that the teacher failed to teach during the school year. I’m not getting paid a teacher’s salary plus funding to pay for homeschooling resources or kit out my “school corner” (which is really just my dining room table) with all the school supplies necessary to make sure he doesn’t fall behind. If I don’t hear from the teacher beyond parent’s evenings, you’re damn right they’re not getting a gift. Besides, what teacher really wants to receive their 9000th “Best Teacher Ever” coffee mug anyway?

Embrace the Crazy

The last day of school for me as a parent is bittersweet. I love being able to take a break from the never-ending school run, but the thought of having to come up with meaningful activities on a very tight budget for Punky to do this summer that hits all the guidelines (limited screen time, lots of physical activity, summer reading list… and on and on) is equally exhausting as the school run. Summer is here, so embrace the crazy!