Do you ever have one of those days where your child screams at you for absolutely no reason? They vent all of their frustrations at you and you’re left standing there wondering “What the hell just happened?”

Yeah, it’s one of those days for me. No matter what age they are, kids can be real jerks sometimes.

Punky is 7, which is normally a great age for kids right? They’re fun, have the ability to clearly say what’s upsetting them, and will start gigantic monologues about one single topic for hours on end (in my house it’s Minecraft). But the moment they’re frustrated, it’s no holds barred one-sided screaming matches because life just isn’t fair.

Give me a break! Why is it such a difficult concept that if something is aggravating you to the point of screaming at the people you live with, you just walk away? Go do something else for awhile until you’re calm enough to start again? Take a breather, walk it off… whatever you have to do just to have five minutes to chill out. Why must you direct your anger at the woman who gave you life, who cuts the crusts off of your pb&j sandwiches, and who tucks you into bed at night and scares away the monsters?

On the flip side, if you tell them to go calm down in a slightly-elevated tone of voice, you’re the monster. Ahh, fun times.

Today’s rant started out because he was stuck on an area of Lego Worlds. Instead of asking for help (which I’m able to help with his video games more often than not), he started throwing the controller and rage-stomping throughout the house. Unacceptable. I may have told him off for stomping and slamming his bedroom door.

We’ve had discussions about channeling your anger into something creative. We’ve talked about how it’s inappropriate to shout at family members for an issue you’re having. We’ve also discussed ways to cope with your anger and frustration, and how destroying our home isn’t the way to accomplish it.

Yeah, that’s not working. I’m sure we’ll figure out a way to all survive until our kids are 18, but for now, this is the permanent look on my face.


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