The future of Mental Health; Tess AI Chatbot

This was supposed to be posted yesterday for Mental Health Monday, but since I mostly work or write after Punky is asleep I was too exhausted to focus on anything beyond watching a movie with The Husband. My apologies! Today we’re going to be talking about The Future of Mental Health; Tess AI Chat Bot. Enjoy!

How I heard about Tess AI

Last week after a client meeting, my client and I had a conversation about what we’re doing now, and the future of technology. I mentioned C&K, the affiliate marketing that I’m trying so hard to get off the ground to create a mostly passive income stream, and the last post about my mental health struggles. The topic of conversation then changed slightly to affordability and availability of mental health care.

We also talked briefly about the massive amount of people who cannot or will not get help because they are embarrassed, ashamed, or just don’t have access due to various barriers. Therapy is expensive!

My client (let’s call him M), mentioned that he’d heard about an artificial intelligence chat bot called Tess that provides quality health care to anyone, regardless of income or location. That’s fantastic news!

What the program is

I’ve read up a little bit about Tess AI, and I’m honestly blown away.

Here’s an excerpt from the X2.AI website:

“Tess is a psychological AI that administers highly personalized psychotherapy, psycho-education, and health-related reminders, on-demand, when and where the mental health professional isn’t. Interaction with Tess is solely through conversation, exclusively via existing communication channels, such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, Web Browsers, and several other platforms. Tess is where the patient already is, and just a text message away. She is just a cell number; no app required, no smartphone required, zero friction.”

OMG right?

I have a huge problem talking to people about what I’m feeling on any given day. It takes me a long time to trust people, especially if I think they’re sitting there judging me while I’m talking. This is a reason I’ve never visited a therapist. This may be similar to how you’re feeling or what you’re experiencing.

Tess changes all of this. I can open up about my feelings without being judged (because it’s an AI program that cannot judge you). I don’t have to look anyone in the eye, or deal with the anxiety that comes with going to an unfamiliar place.
The great thing about Tess is that if someone’s tone changes for the worse it will alert a human psychologist that will coach you through what you’re feeling immediately. Tess is available to support you in English, Dutch, Arabic, and Spanish.

Currently Tess is to be used as a supplement to your current mental health treatment. It is primarily a step towards the direction of offering help to those who were not able to access help before.

Cost to use Tess

In the article I read here, it says that Tess is free to use anytime, anywhere. What I read on the X2 site here, it looks like it is $1 to use. This is an interview between Saint Elizabeth and Michiel Rauws, the CEO of X2 that answers some questions about it’s uses and functions. M has forwarded my information and if I hear back from them about the program, I’ll clear up the cost issue for you. When I hear back I’ll let you know how to access Tess for yourself.


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