Myra Makes – A Journey To Cloud City


Hi Everyone! Today I’m going to be sharing something I’m particularly excited about! A few days ago I was contacted on Twitter by a company called Myra Makes. They asked me if Punky and I would like to review their product, and of course I said yes! Myra Makes offers creative learning activities and problem solving activities for children ages 6-10. Their activities can also be used by teachers and home-schooling parents as part of a fantastic curriculum.

Before I give you the information that was sent to me, I do want to say that Punky has used the activities sent to us and absolutely loves them!

Now, onto the important (and fun!) bits!


About Us, Our Book, Subscription Offer


Myra Makes is a creative education company based in Boulder, Colorado. Our mission is to empower kids with a love of learning and inspire them to embark on their own creative adventures. The Myra Makes approach to education is kid-centered. We believe that by introducing opportunities for kids to express their natural creative potential, we can help cultivate a generation of forward-thinking innovators that we so critically need.

Our activities introduce problem-solving through adventure, in which you follow our main character Myra and help the new friends you meet along the way solve their challenges. We have brought the adventure to life with our first product, a creative learning adventure book, available on Amazon here.  Through in-person programs we have reached over 100 kids aged 6-10.

The team at Myra Makes are now offering our creative learning activities as a monthly subscription mailed right to your door. The first three months are always free, and for every person that you refer to join, you will receive an additional month free.

You can sign up for our subscription here. We are always interested in connecting with others who share our passion for inspiring kids as problem solvers, and would love to hear from parents, teachers, and others with collaborative opportunities or interesting stories to share.


General Information about Printables


The printables linked to below are selections from Journey to Cloud City. We encourage you to extend the activities by using arts and crafts supplies to build the environments, solutions, and characters in real life after you’ve drawn on the printables! Our favorite craft supplies are pipe cleaners, pom-poms, building supplies such as Lego, Brackitz, and PlusPlus. Other materials such as bottle caps and scrap cardboard can be used in these activities. The sky is the limit!

We encourage parents to work with their kids on the activities. We’ve found they’re often just as much fun for adults as kids! Please remember to be as open-ended as possible when offering suggestions or asking your kids questions when they’re working on the activities.


About this Packet (Create-Your-Own-Adventure Activities)


These activities, selections from Journey to Cloud City, introduce your little ones to the Myra Makes learning adventure! The activities in this packet are designed to facilitate open-ended, creative play. They allow your child to start to create their own place in the Myra Makes universe and get to know the other characters in the adventure.


Contact Myra Makes



Click on the social media photos above to be taken directly to the respective Myra Makes pages.

Social Media and Contact Info 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest @MyraMakes



My Review

Isn’t this super exciting? I fully support the Myra Makes team in all of their efforts. If you’d like the Myra Makes Journey to Cloud City printables that the team has sent to Punky and I, you can grab them here. All of the printables included in the download are created by

The Myra Makes subscription would make for an excellent educational Christmas present for your child. My 9 year old niece looked them over and said they were awesome too! Just as a reminder, you get a full 3 months free in the subscription! I have already added the book and subscription to Punky’s Christmas wish list because he loves them so much.

Please head on over to your social media platform of choice and like, share, and comment on the Myra Makes pages. The more support they receive, the more activities they’ll make for your children!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a lovely day!




Disclosure: I did not receive monetary compensation for this review. The printables sent to us from Myra Makes have been shared with my readers in a link above. I do not and did not receive a commission on the sale of the book or subscription. All opinions shared are my own.  I think Myra Makes is a fantastic company that I’d love to work with in the future.