100 Halloween Crafts & STEM Activities For Kids

100 Halloween Crafts & STEM Activities for Kids


Today I have a gigantic list of 100 Halloween Crafts & STEM projects for Kids for you to peruse through! Some of them are suited more toward toddlers, but some of them Punky would absolutely adore! I included a bunch of yarn projects here simply because my yarn stash is out of control at the moment. Haha! The projects below will be sorted according to monster type, such as bats, skeletons, witches, etc.

Anybody else have a ton of toilet paper tubes lying around their home? My guys have pretty severe hayfever, and dust sets them off. We use toilet paper instead of tissues because it’s more economical, so we save the clean tubes for Punky’s crafting. His craft basket is overflowing at the moment with pipe cleaners, cardboard tubes, construction paper, glue, markers, crayons, buttons, and any other craft item you could imagine. I have a feeling we’ll be doing all 100 Halloween Crafts & STEM Activities for Kids before the end of the month! I hope this inspires you to get crafty with your kids today!

Bat Crafts


1. Hanging Bat
2. Spoon Bats
3. Pinecone Bats
4. Rainbow Paper Tube Bats
5. Pom Pom Bats
6. 5 minute toilet roll bat
7. Fingerprint Bat Silhouette Craft
8. Paper Plate Flying Bat Puppets


Witch Crafts

9. Fall Popsicle Stick Craft – How cute are these witches?
10. Witch Halloween Countdown
11. Paper Bag Witch
12. Handprint Witch
13. Playful Paper Plate Witch Craft
14. Paper Plate Witch


Skeleton Crafts

15. Pasta Skeleton 
16. Straw Skeletons
17. Qtip skeleton hand
18. Paper Plate Skull
19. Jack Skellington String Garland
20. Cardboard Tube Dancing Skeleton


Spider Crafts

21. Twig Weaving Crafts  – Add a plastic spider and it’ll be perfect for Halloween!
22. Popsicle Stick Spider Webs
23. Paper Plate Spiderwebs
24. Pinecone Spiders
25. Spider Web Watercolor Art
26. Paper Cup Spiders
27. Cardboard Tube Spiders
28. Itsy Bitsy Spider Finger Puppet
29. Wonder Webs – There are tons of kids Halloween crafts here!




Pumpkin Crafts

30. Beaded Pumpkin Craft
31. Salt Dough Ornaments – The beauty of salt dough is that you can cut out any shape your heart desires. I love these glittery orange pumpkins!
32. Easy jack o’ lantern collage craft
33.Popsicle Stick Puzzles – The original pumpkin popsicle stick puzzle isn’t included in this post, but it does include the process on how to make them. I prefer the printed photos in the actual post anyway!
34. Pumpkin Salt Painting
35. Scalloped Tissue Paper Pumpkin
36. Yarn Pumpkin Garland
37. Stained Glass Pumpkin Suncatcher
38. Cut and glue pumpkins
39. Yarn Pumpkins
40. Potato Stamp Pumpkin
41. Pumpkin Apple Stamps



Slime & Play Doh


42. Ghost Slime 
43. Halloween Slime
44. Orange Pumpkin Fluffy Slime
45. Glow in the dark slime
46. Halloween Glitter Slime Monsters
47. Super Stretchy Pumpkin Slime
48. Halloween Slime Jars
49. Edible Slime – This recipe doesn’t contain borax or glue! It calls for Thai Basil Seeds, but you can substitute with chia, flax, or even poppy seeds. Enjoy!
50. Textured Halloween Play Doh
51. Halloween Spider Slime



Monster Crafts


52. Popsicle Stick Monsters
53. Voodoo Doll Pincushion Craft – I included this sewing craft on this list because I encourage every child to start sewing quite early to help with dexterity and hand eye coordination. These voodoo dolls are so cute!
54. Paper Bag Monster Puppets
55. Tie Dye Coffee Filter Monsters
56. Frankenstein Handprints
57. Frankenstein Suncatchers
58. Printable Halloween Hand Puppets – I just love the vampire!
59. Clothespin Zombie Puppet Craft
60. Tattle Monster
61. Yarn Monsters
62. Rock Monsters – This one is perfect for Punky, who collects rocks like it’s going out of style. This is a great way to amp up his rock garden!

Mummy Crafts


63. Neon Mason Jar Mummies
64. Masking Tape Mummies
65. Gauze Mummy Craft
66. Yarn Wrapped Mummy
67. Paper Plate Lacing Mummy
68. Mummy Treat Tubes


Ghost Crafts



69. Hanging Ghosts Craft – This is a Pottery Barn Halloween décor knock off. It looks great!
70. Eraser Stamp Ghosts
71. Paper Chain Ghost
72. Leaf Ghost Craft
73. Easy Ghost Bunting
74. Puffy Ghosts – I found this adorable puffy ghost craft while spending all morning googling kids Halloween crafts. Unfortunately there’s no directions, but it looks pretty self-explanatory. Cut out a ghost shape from heavy card stock or construction paper, and glue cotton balls all over the blank surface. Decorate with construction paper eyes and mouths.
75. Ghost Pencil Toppers



Scarecrow Crafts

76. Scarecrow Paper Plate Craft 
77. Cupcake Liner Scarecrow Craft
78. Scarecrow Treat Bags – These would be perfect for Punky to help me make for class treats for their Halloween party!


Candy Corn Crafts

79. Paper Plate Candy Corn Banner
80. Sponge Painted Candy Corn


Haunted House Crafts


81. Haunted House Picture
82. Popsicle Stick Haunted House
83. 3d Paper Haunted Village
84. Haunted Castle


Eyeball Crafts

85. Spooky Paper Plate Eyeball Craft
86. DIY Cute Eyeball Door Garland
87. Perler Bead Eyeballs
88. Googly Eyes Candy Bowl – Punky has been begging me to buy the googly eyes that he sees at the Pound Shop (like the UK version of the dollar store), but I had no idea what we could make with them that could be a permanent part of our Halloween Décor. Usually he gets bored of his crafts and throws them out, so this will justify the (pretty minimal) expense. We’ll be making one this weekend!


Vampire Crafts

89. Handprint Vampires
90. Popsicle Stick Vampire
91. Paper Bag Vampire
92. Paper Plate Vampire


Halloween STEM projects

I know that STEM projects aren’t really a craft, but I thought they deserved a place on this list. These will help get your older kids engaged in Halloween themed projects, as well as teach them a little bit during the process!


93. Haunted Halloween Hand Melt
94. Witch’s Brew STEM Challenge
95. Flying Ghost Rockets
96. Slime Play Brain Surgery
97. Flying Tea Bag Ghosts
98. Giant Marshmallow and Glow Stick Structure
99. Magic Melting Pumpkins

100. Halloween Shooter Toys – How far can you make it fly?

Here you go, 100 Halloween Crafts and STEM activites For Kids! I hope you found something on this gigantic list that your kids will love. I know I did! Punky is in for such a huge crafty weekend! I’ll write an update post on Sunday to let you know which activities we chose, and which ones he absolutely loved. Thanks for reading, and I hope you visit again soon!