10 Cute Thanksgiving Crafts; Beyond the Turkey Handprint


Hi Everyone! I hope you’re all having a fabulous week! Yesterday for me was filled with an appointment with my surgeon to go over my next steps, and then working hard on filling my shop with goodies for you to explore. The shop link has not been promoted anywhere yet because I want it to be absolutely perfect before launch. Hopefully you’ll all be impressed and find something you love! While I have a few minutes (and the issues with the shop are being addressed by tech support), I’d like to share my 10 Cute Thanksgiving Crafts; Beyond the Turkey Handprint post!

Have you started doing Thanksgiving crafts with your kids yet? I’m sure you’re way ahead of me with Thanksgiving preparations. I’ve been working nonstop (and chugging coffee while running on no sleep) while trying to keep my house running that I’ve fallen massively behind. There’s always later today to go on a nature walk to collect pinecones! I chose to write about crafts that are beyond the turkey handprint, because well, turkey handprints are so done. They’re a classic, easy craft for kids to do, but if you’re like me, you have multiple turkey handprints hanging on your fridge this time of year. It’s time for something new!

This is a super quick post this morning, but there will be another post later today that will be a bit longer. I’m not ignoring you, I promise! On with the show!


To the crafts! 


Pinecone Turkeys

This adorable Pinecone Turkey by Crystal at apumpkinandaprincess.com makes me want to go for a nature walk right this very second to collect pine cones! It’s so cute that I’d even consider tying fishing line or clear thread to it and use it as a handmade Christmas ornament.

Maple Tree Fall Leaf Globe

This Maple Tree Fall Leaf Globe by Katie at premeditatedleftovers.com is fantastic! I know for a fact that Punky would love to make this! He’s still obsessed by the Christmas snow globe he made in Primary 1 out of a laminated picture of himself, tons of glitter and plastic snowflake table confetti. We need to add another globe to the collection!


Fall leaf Prints

You probably thought you’d get through one craft post without the use of paint, right? Wrong! Jodi at meaningfulmama.com shows how your precious young ones can create fall leaf prints. If you do them on a canvas, you can display them every fall, and cherish the memories of making them too!


Leaves of Gratitude Wreath

This Leaves of Gratitude craft by Parents.com is a little bit more involved, but it’s still something you can do with your kids! Draw leaf shapes onto cardstock and have your children exercise their motor skills by cutting them out. Wrap a 12-inch Styrofoam wreath form with strips of fabric, securing them with ball-head straight pins. Crease each leaf in half to add dimension. To hang, pin a loop of string to the back of the wreath. Tip: Use light-colored gel pens to write on darker paper. You can use the wreath for many years to come, and pin your leaves of gratitude every Thanksgiving!


Autumn Leaf Suncatchers

Clare at clareslittletots.co.uk has written an excellent post teaching us how to make Autumn Leaf Suncatchers! Her little tots are just darling, too. Head on over and show her some love!


Bundled Q-Tip Fall Tree Painting

Have you ever painted with q-tips? No? Me neither. Kim from thepinterestedparent.com shows us how to make this Bundled Q-ip Fall Tree Painting, and they look amazing!


Turkey Leaf Lanterns

I found the cutest Turkey Leaf Lanterns made by Nell at rythmsofplay.com! They are made from canning jars or upcycled wide mouth jars, mod podge, tissue paper, construction paper, real or silk fall colored leaves, and googly eyes! Head on over to see Nell in action!


Paper Plate Turkeys

I’ve had a lot of craft posts that feature yarn and paper plates, and this one is no exception. Stef at nontoygifts.com made these adorable paper plate turkeys! This one is going on my list of “quick crafts for Punky”, because I have a ton of paper plates and yarn set aside just for crafting purposes. You need to make this one with your kids!


Thankful Turkey

Lindsy at preschoolalphabet.blogspot.co.uk has come up with this cute Thankful Turkey using paint chips! This is perfect for us, because during the summer Punky and I took a trip to B&Q to pick out paint chips. I was set on painting this place a different shade other than Magnolia, but we never got around to it. We have a ton of paint chip colors to choose from, and they’re mostly in neutral fall colors. Perfect! Head over to preschoolalphabet and check out how to make these darling turkeys!

Print a Corn on the Cob Craft

This is bubble wrap printing at its finest! The Print a Corn on the Cob activity from activityvillage.co.uk is cute! You could even use different colored paint to make Indian Corn Prints! Head over to Activity Village to find out how to craft your corn!

End Note

That’s all for this post today, folks. A little bit later you’ll see another post, so don’t fret. I haven’t gone anywhere! If you have any questions, would like anything featured, or just want to say hi, my Facebook and Twitter accounts are always up and running. I look forward to hearing from  you if you do any of the crafts in this post!


Thanks for reading!