50 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Kids (that aren’t candy)

It’s that time of year; the holidays are upon us! I like to get an early start on my holiday gift buying, simply because it saves me the stress during December. The last few years I’ve actually started shopping in August during the summer sales and just hiding the things I buy! This year I’m behind schedule (shame, I know). I really need to get started! With Punky’s input, I’ve been making this list of 50 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Kids.

Most of these items are under £10! Some are a bit more expensive than that, but not by much. If you find a link to an American product and would like me to source the UK version, please let me know and I’ll get that worked out for you!

This year we’re going a little bit retro with his stocking. He’s asked for a yo-yo, whoopee cushion, Tamagotchi, and a Rubik’s cube so you’ll find these items on the list.

Now before we go further, I’d like to apologize for the lack of a post yesterday. I was having an extremely bad pain day, and even lounging on the couch wasn’t easing it one bit.

If you haven’t heard yet, I had a fall in June that resulted in a torn lateral meniscus in my left knee. Along with all of my other pain issues, it just got to be too much yesterday and I had nothing written as a backup. I’m so sorry! Today I’ve been hard at work writing out posts and creating content for those days when I’m away, or just needing a quick break.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get to the fun bit! Here’s the epic list of 50 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Kids (that are not candy!)


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50 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Kids

For Little Ones


Personalized Name Crayons – These personalized crayons are great! Each crayon is 1 ¾ x 1 ¼” (4.5cm x 3cm) and is packaged in a clear bag so you can read the name through the packaging. Great idea for younger kids!

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Fizzy Tints – For more bath time fun, why not get these fizzy tints? They fizz on contact with water and change the color of your kid’s bath water. One tub contains 30 jumbo tabs.

Axel Scheffler Pocket Library – The Axel Scheffler Pocket Library is a gorgeous set of small format board books stored in a handy slipcase. Children will love to join in with Pip the Puppy, Lizzy the Lamb, Katie the Kitten and Freddy the Frog for lots of fun!

Finger Puppets – Make story time magical for your little ones with these finger puppets. There are many different styles available on Etsy! This knight and princess set is adorable!

Bath Crayons – If your little one doesn’t like bath time, why not add more fun with bath crayons? These crayons from Nuby are BPA free, and easily wash off smooth surfaces for simple clean up.

Bath Toys – Bath toys for little ones are always a popular choice, and eventually you’ll need to replace them for a multitude of reasons. This 20 piece set is adorable!

Toys, Books, and Games

Lego Minifigures – You can find these wherever toys are sold. Lego Minifigures are perfect for a stocking because of the small size, and for under £3, each is a bargain!

Yo-Kai Watch Discs – Does your kiddo enjoy the yo-kai watch series? These discs work with this watch, and would be a surprise for any stocking!

Yo-Yo – Did you have fun playing with a yo-yo as a child? Go ahead and share the same experiences with your own kids!

Whoopee Cushion – Who doesn’t laugh at fart noises? At least with a whoopee cushion there’s no smell that lingers!

Tamagotchi – Pass down your 90’s love of digital pets to your kids! Blue  pink 

Rubik’s Cube – Another retro toy on the list! Except this one doesn’t have stickers you can peel off. Tease your brain (and your child’s too!) with this puzzle toy.

Lego Ninjago Movie Blind Character Pack – A must have for any Lego Ninjago fan! Each ‘mystery’ bag contains one of the 20 characters available in this collection

Minecraft Blind Box Minifigures – A welcome addition for any Minecraft fanatic!

Fingerlings – Fingerlings are small interactive toys that cling to your fingers. You can also find playsets to give your electronic pet something else to do. Punky has this purple monkey on his wishlist.

Hatchimals CollEggtibles – If the original Hatchimal is just out of your budget at the moment, the mini Hatchimals CollEggtibles will satisfy your child’s need for a Hatchimal at a more reasonable price.

Plush keychains – Punky has an obsession with clipping plush key chains and McDonald’s toys to his backpack. We’ll be adding this Plush Pokemon Jolteon keychain to his stocking this year.

Koosh Ball – Easy to pick up but hard to put down Koosh is fun, versatile and highly collectible. Tactile and portable Koosh is ideal as a toy that can be thrown and caught or used as a stress reliever.

Pokemon Cards – This pokemon pack includes holos and rares, just what your little pokemon trainer needs!

Trash Pack – Trash pack is a group of toys that are made from silicone. Punky loves to use them as pencil toppers and to fling across the living room as cannon balls to knock over Jenga blocks.

Plush Toys – Kids love plush toys! Why not have a cute little gingerbread man sticking out of the top of the stocking this year? This gingerbread man is adorable Blue bow tie  & Pink Bow

A Slinky – I know this is another old fashioned gift, but most kids love watching something fall down the stairs, right? What better than a Slinky?

Hot Wheels Cars – I think every child (girl and boy) goes through a car phase. Hotwheels cars are extremely durable (take it from me), and would be a great small gift for any occasion!

Card games or decks of playing cards – We enjoy playing Uno, SlapJack, Old Maid, Where’s Wally Memory Game and more.

A joke book – kids love knock-knock jokes, that’s a fact. Why not give your kids more joke material to add to their routine? This one by Roald Dahl is a great find!


Glow in the dark stars – Transform their bedroom ceiling into the night sky! If your child prefers other shapes than stars, there are also glow in the dark dinosaurs, dolphins, glitter stars and fairies, and space crafts available on Amazon.

A Personalized Holiday Ornament – we love the tradition of putting a new ornament every year on the tree. Why not start this tradition with your kids too?


Cosmetic Bags – You can use these to store anything from makeup, art supplies, puzzles, to small toys.

Character Band-Aids – For some reason, most kids are obsessed with band-aids.

Back Scratcher – Back scratchers were actually an extremely popular gift for my guys due to the nature of our dry skin in the colder months.  (these ones actually work extremely well. We own several)

Toothbrush – We always include a new character toothbrush in Punky’s stocking. Yes, he actually requests a new toothbrush!

Lip Smackers or flavored Chapstick – There are so many wonderful flavors on the market now that you’ll certainly find a flavor your child loves. The best part about it – it’ll help keep chapped lips at bay!

Nail Polish – for the little (or big!) princess in your life, why not treat her to a mini spa day? If you’re concerned about the polish being chipped off while your little one is chewing on their fingers, you can buy the non-toxic peel off Miss Nella Nail Polish here.


Art Supplies & School Accessories

Macarons Scented ErasersThis set of 6 macaron erasers are adorable! They’re 1 ¼” around and smell like vanilla.

Perler or Hama Beads – Tap into your crafty side and make these cute Hama bead creations with your kids.

Colored Pencils – We never seem to have enough colored pencils in our house.

T-Shirt Graffiti Markers  – Let your child express their creativity by creating a custom t-shirt! You can buy the markers here.

Rainbow Loom Band Refills – If your child loves to make rainbow loom jewelry, a refill kit is a necessity.

Notepads – For any budding journalist or artist, you can’t go wrong with a little notepad. Be sure to add some pencils so they can draw and write to their heart’s content. This one is lego styled and refillable.

Temporary Tattoos – Temporary tattoos are a great way to let your kid express their individuality without the permanence of a real tattoo (not that they’d be allowed to get one anyway!). This emoji pack is amazing and has tons of variety.

Character Stickers – You can find any type of stickers your kids love on Amazon. These Marvel Superhero stickers are extremely popular in my home. It comes with 700 reusable stickers!



Headphones or earbuds – Have you heard some of the new music out lately? Save your ears (and sanity) from listening to the same song, Roblox background music, or youtube video on repeat for hours. These headphones have a volume limiter for small ears, these are best for bigger kids, and these earbuds would be great for your tween and teen.

Kindle or Ipad case – Kids are notoriously clumsy. Protect their tablet with one of these cool cases! Amazon fire case  iPad case

A watch – Every kid needs to learn to tell time. Punky loves this Lego watch!

Jewelry – Even the littlest girls (and boys) in your family would love to get something shiny in their stocking! This snake link chain from Etsy would be a great addition to your child’s stocking with any pendant they’d like attached.

A mini flashlight – I don’t know about your kids, but Punky loves playing detective and using a flashlight to light up the darkest corners of his bedroom searching for “clues”.

Hair Accessories – big hair bows are back in style! These adorable grosgrain bows would look perfect on your little angel! In this pack, you get 20 bows for £2.78 with free shipping!

Winter Accessories  – This cat set is adorable!

Jawsome Shark Goggles in Red – Do your kids love swimming? Do they love sharks? These super cool goggles are a great option for your child!

Personalized Luggage Tags – If you travel a lot, your kid will most likely have their own suitcase. Spruce it up with a personalized luggage tag!


Thank you for looking through my 50 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Kids list! I hope I’ve inspired you on your quest to fill those stockings!

The next post will kick off my gift guides for 2017! Over the next few weeks, please expect lots of new amazing content, with binder printables, wall art, and more available in the shop! I always welcome your comments, suggestions, and critiques, so please keep them coming. If you haven’t followed me over on social media yet, you can find me here: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. I look forward to seeing you around the net!



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      Thanks for the lovely comment!

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