Punky’s Friday Adventures – Trying Out Judo

Every Friday, Punky and I try something new. He and I have had a long standing Mommy and Me date day scheduled for after school on Friday afternoons since his school has half days every single Friday. We like to call these our Friday Adventures.

I started this tradition when Punky started nursery (preschool) at 3.5 years old. As long as he still wants to spend the time with me, it’ll continue indefinitely.

Sometimes we go to McDonalds for lunch and then to our local soft play place so he can burn off energy. Other times we’ll go on a long walk through the woods, go to Costa for a coffee and a sweet (don’t worry, I don’t give my 7 year old coffee! I’m not that crazy!). Occasionally we’ll head down to the pet store to check out the rescued animals that are up for adoption. Most of our mommy and me dates revolve around sweets. We both have a raging sweet tooth!

We’ve had movie dates, swimming lessons, gone on the train to Edinburgh to see family or to go shopping. Sometimes we go on picnics when the weather is nice, or just have pizza and a movie night at home. We always do something on Fridays, and it’s the day we look forward to the most.

Trying Out Judo

Three weeks ago Punky tried out Judo for the very first time. He absolutely loved it! I signed him up for a free 3 week “taster” session (one class per week) just to see if it would be something he’d enjoy.

It took him a little while to gain the confidence to actually practice the moves simply because he’s afraid he’s going to hurt someone.

I think it’s quite sweet that he’s so cautious about making sure no one gets hurt, but I also want him to have fun. He can’t have fun when he’s worrying about every little thing!

Today he joined in wholeheartedly, and had an amazing time. At the end of the lesson he asked if he can go to lessons full time!

I’m introducing Punky to the you guys with this post after previously stating that I wouldn’t share photos. He was so proud of himself for trying something new. He’s historically bad with change, so he wanted all of you to be proud of him too.

Why don’t you start your own Friday Adventures tradition with your kids? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Punky’s Friday Adventures – Trying Out Judo

  1. Mom says:

    We Absolutely LOVE coffee and kerfuffles! We Love hearing about (and seeing) Punky’s Friday Adventures Too <3 Keep up the Fantastic Work on Coffee and Kerfuffles, Amanda… we'll be watching for more to come <3 Mom

    1. Amanda says:

      Thanks mom! <3 <3

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