Do you ever notice how hard your wife or mom works to make sure that you have everything you need to have a successful day? No? Well, let’s break it down for a second and figure out why Moms Just Need a Freaking Break.

There are many different types of moms out there, but I’m going to focus on the top 3.

The Top 3 Types of Moms

Working Moms: Your kids are running late as always. One has to poop as you’re walking out the door. Another is whining about the contents of their lunch “But I don’t like it, mommy!”. You have to rush to work so you’re not greeted by an angry boss who berates you for being a few minutes late, again.

Stay at home Moms: You have two kids under the age of three, both in diapers, as well as one school-aged child. One has had a messy blowout, one is screaming for no reason, and the other has discovered the joys of smearing diaper cream all over the tv just after your husband leaves for work.

Work from Home Moms: You just want to dive headfirst into work and reduce the To-Do list, but your only child is home from school sick. The laundry and dishes are piling up. You’re wholly unproductive and distracted until those neverending chores are finished. The phone won’t stop ringing from cold callers. The noise of your neighbors completing their vacuuming reminds you that you need to hoover the cereal crumbs out of the carpet.

As a mom, your day can start in one of two ways. You wake up refreshed, in a good mood, the family is happy, and you have hot coffee ready and waiting for you. The school run is a breeze.

The more likely scenario is: You wake up after only a few hours of sleep, everyone is angry about something, the kids won’t get their shoes and coats on, lunches aren’t packed yet. Caffeinating yourself before the school run is a luxury you just can’t afford today.

During your nonworking hours, you have a million things to do, only some of which are listed below;

  • Errands
  • Meal Planning
  • Chauffering the kids to extracurricular activities
  • Scheduling doctors and dentist appointments
  • Haircuts and new shoes on a regular schedule
  • Cooking & Cleaning
  • Signing permission slips
  • Giving your husband the love and attention he deserves
  • Buying birthday and holiday gifts
  • Somehow remember to take a shower too.

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you dream of one day lying on a beach with a cocktail in your hand? This cocktail is brought to you by a cabana boy who you don’t have to tip because your vacation package is all-inclusive. You’re alone for a whole week to do whatever you want? You’re enjoying the peace and quiet, and the feeling of the blazing sun on your extremely pale legs? If so, welcome to motherhood!

The Fantasy

Being a mom is one of those things that some women (me included) spend their whole lives dreaming about and romanticizing. You’ll have beautiful children with impeccable manners who will follow directions the first time you ask. Your home will be spotless with all white furniture and expensive decor. Nothing ever gets stained or broken. You don’t have to patent your own version of the “mom look”.

You’ll never be one of those moms who are disheveled in the grocery store with one baby hanging off of her hip and her four-year-old melting down in the aisle. You scoff at those parents and say “When I’m a mom I’ll never do/be/allow THAT” in all of your child-free wisdom.

The Reality

Then your baby arrives and life is beautiful. Sweet babyhood turns into teething, then walking and talking. By the age of two, you’re convinced you gave birth to a tiny terrorist. They don’t sleep (ever), they whine, and cry, and throw things. Sometimes they’ll even hit you in the face with toys. They’re just not at the age developmentally to figure out “Hey, hitting hurts and is mean, I’ll go apologize”. You raise them while trying to keep it all together but you eventually give up trying to care for yourself to care for everyone else.

We worry that we’re doing it all wrong and our child will be the next entitled beast who thinks life owes them something.

Running errands in sweatpants, a messy bun, and a permanent resting bitch face becomes the norm. You run into the school to talk to the teacher about your kid’s missing gym kit and end up ugly crying to her face. You try to explain that it was an oversight because you have been working your ass off, are sick, and that the gym teacher shouldn’t make your kid feel bad because it’s not their fault.

Oh yeah, I’ve been there.

The Sweet Parts of Motherhood

Even after all of that, your kid will look up at you with those big, beautiful eyes and tell you that they love you. Hugs and kisses are given freely when they are young. The snuggles never get old, even when your kid is almost as tall as you are. The kid still wants to sit on your lap while you rub their back and tell you about their day.

Watching them at their school plays, recitals, sports events, and being so proud that your heart literally feels like it’s going to burst are some of the most beautiful parts of motherhood. That is so worth all of those sleepless nights and moments where you feel defeated.

So, if you see a mom who looks like she’s having a rough day, give her a freaking break. Husbands, the woman you love and adore is giving so much more of herself than you possibly realize. Surprise her one day by washing the dishes, taking the kids to the park, or even just rubbing her feet unexpectedly. We know you work hard at your job too, but give her a freaking break. She’s earned it.

PS: Moms, you freaking rock and I love you. Take some time out of your day (even if it’s just five minutes) to do something just for you.

4 thoughts on “Moms Just Need a Freaking Break

  1. Jeanne says:

    Yes, Moms AND Dads who are in the same roles as you listed above ALL Need A Freaking Break! With that said, I just wanted to tell you that You are a Fantastic Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Writer/Author, and the list goes on…… And, We ALL Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know! I hope you have a Fantastic Day! Love Your, Mom <3 <3 <3

    1. Jeanne says:

      P.S.S. or something like that! I forgot to add Fantastic Granddaughter and Cook to the list, Because you are! Love, Your Mom <3 P.S. To Everyone else reading this …. I know times are tough and you're Stressed Out ,But, Please Try Your Best and Tell Your Beautiful Children too …. Lets Try to do one Nice thing for someone else every day too. Even if its just a smile amongst a group of angry shoppers or a Smile given to a Stressed Out Teacher. You'll be Surprised at how far a Genuine Smile will Go to make People Happy and it might just Spread that One Smile Around the World. Love, Mom 😀

      1. says:

        <3 <3 <3

    2. says:

      I agree! I wrote it in the role of mom because well, I don’t know Dad’s viewpoint. 😛

      Thanks mom, you’re fantastic too in everything that you do. <3

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