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Hi Everyone! I promise I haven’t forgotten about you all.

In the last few weeks we’ve been incredibly busy! We went to Hong Kong (a post on that trip is coming soon), and got stuck in Amsterdam for three days due to “The Beast From The East” snowstorm. There were tons of things that went wrong with this trip and I’ll definitely be complaining about it in my next post. After we got back, I got the flu, Punky was overly exhausted and came down with a cold, along with the vomiting and fever that only lasted a day or so. The Husband didn’t fare much better… he ended up ill too, but his started while we were in Hong Kong. We’re all on the mend now and back to our normal routines.


Punky is now back at school after resting at home for a week. I’m working on a few blog posts, as well as still trying to get the store up and running, and will resume my administrative consulting on Thursday this week. The Husband is back at work after he had to deal with the takeaway flooding last week.


My goal for this week is to get the store open. Netflix and Youtube are making it increasingly difficult for me to actually get work done, unfortunately.

I’ve finally¬†settled on what I’m going to be selling. I hope all of you like crafts as much as I do! The store will be filled to the brim with adorable fabric, yarn, haberdashery items, jewellery making supplies, and more.¬† Take note, mom… You’ll be a site tester and I need your completely honest opinion.

I’m currently trying to find a great theme for the store (because to be honest, most of them really suck and I change my mind more than I change my socks), while chugging Rockstar energy drinks, and listening to my girlboss playlist on Youtube.

I’ll let you all know when the shop launches. To be honest, I’ll probably be a bit of a nag about it because I’m so excited to have something of my own to be proud of!

End Note


So, stuff is happening even though it seems like I’ve only been wasting time on Twitter lately. Life has definitely hit me like a brick, but I’m still here. My knee surgery is scheduled for next Friday, but who knows if that’ll actually happen. It’s been rescheduled a few times now. We’ll see.

Bye for now,

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