10 Spooky Drinks for Halloween


All week I’ve been contemplating on what kind of drinks I’d actually serve at a kid’s Halloween party. Obviously I like things that aren’t full of sugar (because Punky is a maniac on a sugar rush), that are somewhat healthy, and also pretty cool to look at. At the same time, they have to be fun! Punky chose the drinks listed, and although they’re mostly full of sugar, I’d be ok serving them to him in moderation with water as a non-optional back up. Below you’ll find 10 Spooky Drinks for your Halloween Party!

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  1. Blacklight Lemonade

Obviously I have to start the post out with Blacklight Lemonade. Lemonade is one drink that I know Punky loves, it can be made as sweet or tart as you prefer, and has the bonus of natural vitamin c! The trick that makes this lemonade glow under a black light is so simple… It’s tonic water! You can find the recipe for McKenzie’s Black Light Lemonade over at Girllovesglam.com


  1. Shrunken Head Apple Punch

This one is pretty awesome! We go through apples like crazy in our house, and apple juice is no exception. This recipe has the option of being either non-alcoholic for kiddos, or you can spike it with cider or spiced rum for a grown up drink. This recipe is by Tesco, surprisingly enough, and can be found here: Shrunken Apple Punch


  1. Fanta Jack o’ Lantern Floats


What kid doesn’t like Fanta and vanilla ice cream? Together they make a fruity, creamy drink that will satisfy any sweet tooth! To cut down on the sugar content, I’d use Fanta Zero. You can easily decorate plastic cups with a sharpie and your imagination, or use Jack O Lantern beverage clings found here.

You can find the recipe for Fanta Jack o’ Lantern Floats from Ashlyn at Belleofthekitchen.com!


  1. Worm Infested Goblin’s Blood Drink


This one sounds super gross at first glance, but when you read the recipe you’ll find it’s not so scary! There is a quick tip about not letting the gummy worms soak up too much liquid as they take on a weird texture, but I bet the sliminess of the candy makes it all the more creepy. You can find the recipe for Worm Infested Goblin’s Blood Drink from Christine at Idigpinterest.com.


  1. Boo-Nilla Ghost Milkshakes

These ghost milkshakes are super adorable! I can’t seem to get the page to load to the recipe, so I’ll post it below. These were created by Kristyn at lilluna.com

Boo-Nilla Ghost Milkshakes

Serves 3-4

3 T. Powdered Sugar

2 ½ tsp Vanilla Extract

1 c. Heavy Cream

1 ½ c. Whole Milk

4 c. Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until completely mixed. Split between 3 or 4 glasses and enjoy!


  1. Swamp Juice A La Slime


This recipe was found on Taste of Home, made by Melisa Ann Beier from Howell, Michigan. This is a fruity punch made creepy by corn syrup “slime” running down the rim of your glass. I know it seems scary using ½ cup of corn syrup, but I promise you that you won’t use all of it! It’s purely for decoration.


  1. Swamp Potion

On the same Swampy note, this recipe for Swamp Potion was created by Heather and Lori of Whoneedsacape.com. It’s made using whipped cream, sherbet, and kool aid! It’s simple, and kids absolutely love the creep factor contributed by the gummy worms. You can customize the color by changing which flavour of sherbet and koolaid you use.

  1. Slow Cooker Halloween Hot Chocolate

Here in Scotland the weather is always awful for the entire month of October and beyond. Hot chocolate is always welcome in my house, and this Halloween Hot Chocolate is no exception. I love using my slow cooker (or crock pot, whichever name you prefer) to make things like this because it’s so easy, and you can keep it warm for hours.  This hot chocolate is made from white chocolate and candy corn. If you don’t like candy corn, you can omit it and substitute it with a few drops of orange food coloring instead. This recipe was found on Myincrediblerecipes.com!


  1. Poison Apple Halloween Drink


This is quite the special recipe for me! You get two recipes in one, as at first you’ll be making your own apple cider. How awesome is that?! There’s nothing better than fresh apple cider mixed with cranberry juice for a tasty concoction. Head on over to OurFamilyWorld.com for these tasty recipes.


  1. Green Swamp Monster Smoothie


This is a super healthy alternative to all of the recipes above, as it’s made with just fruit and veggies. When I showed Punky, he immediately said “Ewww, that’s creepy!” so I’m guessing it would be a welcome addition to our Halloween menu! I love the aesthetic touch of the plastic spider clinging to the straw, which makes it suitable for anything creepy-crawly themed. You can find the recipe for Green Swamp Monster Smoothie on EatsAmazing.co.uk


That’s it for our 10 Spooky Drinks for your Halloween Party round up! I hope you’ve enjoyed this list! If you’ve got any creepy recipes for kids Halloween menus, please comment below and I’ll add them to my next post.


See you next time, and thanks for reading!

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