A day in the life of a: Mom, Blogger, and Virtual Assistant


This is a day in the life of a Mom, Blogger, and Virtual Assistant. Every day is pretty structured, and it needs to be with everything I take on in my day to day routine. I hope after you read this post that you realize life as a stay at home mom/entrepreneur can be extremely hard with all of the juggling that takes place. Just being a mom is hard enough before you pile on work and other responsibilities.

If you are a mom, you’re doing an amazing job all on your own. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, work at home mom, work out of the home mom, or whatever your designated title, I’m proud of you, and you’re rocking it! Enjoy my day to day schedule. If you have any tips for me on how to make things smoother, please let me know! I’m all about making life easier for myself.


It’s time to be Mom

7 Am: My day starts out like anyone else’s day;  turn off the blaring alarm and crawl out of my self-created nest of a thick duvet, several quilts, and a mountain of pillows. Next is time to do the daily self-care routine that every single person has (or should have). Next I wake up Punky, grab his freshly-laundered uniform out of the dryer, and head downstairs. I then turn the kettle on, and while the kettle boils I iron his school uniform.

7:30 am When Punky is up (with teeth already brushed, and hiding under a blanket on the couch), I lay out his uniform to prevent the just-ironed clothes from getting wrinkled. I pour myself a steaming hot soy latte and sit in my chair for a few moments to savour the coffee while it is still hot.

8 am: The Husband makes breakfast for Punky, and makes sure he eats before school, and is dressed. During this circus, I drink my coffee and check my email and social media accounts. When the coffee is gone (this is usually my 2nd cup of the day), I get myself dressed, shoes and coats on, Punky’s backpack and everything ready to go. I stuff my pockets with my phone, keys, and other necessities and walk Punky to school. Punky begins school at 8:45 am, and I have a short but brisk walk home.

Time to work – Blogging & Virtual Assistant

9 am:  Mondays are my grocery days. After dropping Punky off at school, I head to the store with my list in hand and load up the trolley with everything we need for the week ahead. I try to do this quickly so it doesn’t eat up too much of my day. When I get home I hang up my coat on the radiator (because it’s usually raining), kick off my shoes on the rug by the door, and turn the kettle back on. It’s coffee time. After putting the groceries away, I quickly vacuum the living room and hall. It only takes a few minutes. Any blankets that were left on the couch are folded and put away.

I then bring my coffee to my desk and turn on the computer. The first thing I do is open several different tabs for each social media account associated with Coffee & Kerfuffles, as well as my client’s email accounts so I can monitor incoming emails from their clientele. I check to see if they need anything done, and if not, I close out their tabs. If there are things flagged that need my attention, I take care of that first and then exit out.

Then it’s onto checking analytics for my affiliate programs. I check to see if I’ve made any money while I’ve been sleeping, and if I have, I do a little dance.

10:30 am – I chug the rest of my now-cold coffee and open up my Excel spreadsheet of my yearly earnings and enter in any new data from the following day. That’s saved, and exited out of. Next I bring up the Excel sheet with my list of blog posts and decide which ones I’m going to be writing for this week. I open up a Word document and start writing the first few paragraphs of each post.

11:00 am – On Thursdays I have client meetings via Skype, and we go over everything that needs to be done within the next two weeks. Our meetings are short because I work well on my own, and my clients trust that I’ll get everything finished according to the deadlines set in the meeting. If there are urgent things that need to be done after the meeting, this is when it happens.




12:30 Lunch time. I go and grab something quick from the fridge (usually leftovers), reheat it in the microwave, and sit back at my desk. During lunch I browse Youtube, Pinterest, and write awkward posts on Twitter and Instagram. This is when I update all of my social media with posts that have been published from C&K that morning.

1 pm – I clear away my dishes and begin working on images for this week’s posts. This takes all afternoon.

2:50 pm – I put on my coat and shoes and get ready to retrieve Punky from school.

3:15 Punky comes out of the school doors, and we usually head to the grocery store to pick up something for dinner if I’ve forgotten something from my list on Monday morning. No matter which store we head to, it’s always busy and takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour to pick up a few things. At this point Punky is extremely hangry (hungry and angry if you were wondering). I’m frustrated due to his attitude, and we head home.

4:00 pm – 4:15 pm: The Husband is getting ready for work. He leaves within a few minutes of us getting home. Punky is given a snack after hanging up his coat and backpack, and I sit back at my desk to work on images for a few more minutes. Punky needs downtime after school, and watches tv or plays a video game while I work.



More Mom Time

5:00 pm – I start cooking dinner if we don’t have anything in the crock pot. While dinner is cooking I wash dishes and start laundry. Trash is taken out now, and Punky goes to clean his room if it’s messy.

6:00 pm – Dinner time. Punky and I sit at the dining table, eat dinner, and reflect on the day. He tells me about school, I tell him about work (because what I do is work).

7:00 pm – After dinner is time for homework. Punky usually has a few pages of reading, and a few spelling words to learn. We work on that for a little while, and when it’s completed I sign off in his notebook that the teacher reads.

8:00 pm – Punky and I have what he calls “two time” which is always something fun and relaxing. He picks our activity, which means we play with Lego, color printable coloring pages, do a quick craft, play a board game (he loves Monopoly), or play a video game for an hour.

9:00 pm – Time for Punky to go to bed! We do the bed/bath/brush teeth routine, give him his medicine (he gets a nightly dose of his inhaler and antihistamine). I read him a story after I get him tucked into bed and then its lights out. I lay with him for a few minutes after I turn on his bed warmer (he won’t go to sleep in a cold bed).  When he’s drowsy I leave the room. I go clean the bathroom and gather more laundry to wash. It’s a never ending cycle.

Work, Wife-ing, and More Work

9:30 pm – I get back on the computer and work until The Husband gets home from his job at 10:30 or 11 pm. We talk about our days, and then watch something together on Netflix while he eats dinner. When The Husband is ready to relax and starts playing on his Xbox One, I get back on the computer and start researching more content for the blog.



12:00 am – Midnight. I’m usually still awake at this point, pinning things on Pinterest, and working on affiliate promotions. I pin these to Pinterest and create content for Instagram, and start checking social media and emails again.

1 am – A sugar binge happens. I devour anything sweet (usually raiding our candy jar), and sit at my desk crinkling wrappers while working. I’ll talk to my family and friends now (because they’re in the US and I’m in the UK). Thank goodness for different time zones!

2 am – I’m tired, my back hurts, and I’m ready to quit for the night. I sit in my arm chair and talk to The Husband while playing games on my phone for a little while.

3 am – Time for bed. I gather up my devices, water bottle, and chargers, and head upstairs. Then I brush my teeth and head to bed. I only have a few hours now until it’s time to get up again. Sometimes I fall asleep quickly, but most nights I’m lying there awake with tons of thoughts running through my head about what I could be doing to earn more money via blogging and social media.

4 am – I look at the clock and finally fall asleep. Tomorrow is more of the same routine.

End Note

Being a mom, blogger, and business owner (virtual assistant) at the same time isn’t for the faint of heart. It is extremely rewarding to see all of your hard work actually heading in the right direction. My son is a wonderful person (though he has his moments), I’m happy with my career choice, and I get to stay home and take care of my family at the same time. It’s exhausting, mentally draining, and sometimes maddening, but it’s all worth it.



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