This is my C&K September Update! I’m thinking about making this a monthly thing just to catch you all up about what’s been going on if there’s a gap between posts. What do you say?

How in the world is it nearly the middle of September already? This year has flown by so quickly. Punky has been back at school for a few weeks now, and our family has settled back into a scheduled routine. Before I know it, it’s going to be December 1st and I’ll have no Christmas preparations done.

I realize that it has been quite a while since I’ve posted anything, and for that, I apologize. I’ve hit a creative block about what topics to write about for the fall. There’s only so many posts about pumpkin spice lattes or cozy sweaters that I can write before I bore myself to tears.

Plans for the Future

Lately, The Husband and I have been talking seriously about our gigantic transatlantic move; what we’re taking with us, where we’re going to settle down, and whether to buy a home or build our dream home on a piece of land.  We’ve also been discussing what needs to be done here before we have a definite move date planned.

We’re actually contemplating buying a piece of land that’s a couple of acres; we realize that it’ll be a huge undertaking and a ton of work to make the land useful to what we want it for. I’ve made spreadsheet after spreadsheet of all of the things we could use it for. But we do have some things in common that we’re looking forward to!

Since we eat a ton of fruit (and it’s expensive at the grocery store) The Husband and I both want an orchard of fruit and nut trees, as well as rows of soft fruits like raspberries and grapes. Whether those are dwarf or full-size varieties are up in the air. We’ve made a list of the types of flowers and vegetables we’d like to grow in our (my) garden, with David Austin roses, and English lavender for the perimeter fence and lots of perennial flowers in raised beds. We’ve even been watching youtube videos on beekeeping! If you want to watch them too, search for Don The Fat Bee Man on youtube. He’s quite entertaining, and blunt in his delivery of “Common Sense Beekeeping”.

The Husband wants to raise a chicken named Pablo Escobar, and I’d like a small mini goat herd. Of course, there would have to be a greenhouse to start seedlings before it’s time to plant them in the ground (because I don’t want a semi-permanent fixture of seed trays on my dining table).

Punky’s wishes are included too; he requested a swimming pool, a hobbit hole type “man cave” (no girls allowed, not even mom!), and large outside play equipment like swings and a climbing wall.

Back to Reality

But of course before all of this can happen, I have to finish the store and make it profitable. I’ve had a few people test out the site and give me constructive criticism about what needs to be tweaked, things that need to be added, or products that don’t make sense to include. This has been tremendously helpful for me because I tend to nitpick over the smallest detail and forget to see the bigger picture.

It’s honestly coming along a lot better than I expected! I’m planning on finishing it up within the next few days and finally launch. I’ve been toiling over it so long that I’m ready to stop having the stress of the launch looming over my head.

About the store

There have been some major changes to the store over the last two months. I moved from WordPress to Shopify, changed the name, changed the theme, and finally uploaded all of the CSV files of products. There were multiple CSV files that all needed pictures attached and product descriptions rewritten. Therefore, Magnolia Furnishings is no more! I’ve deleted that site after over a year and a half of work and deleted all of the associated social media accounts. It was becoming too tedious and stressful doing everything the hard way. I’m loving Shopify, btw. I’ll always have a soft spot for WordPress (because my blog is run on WP framework). But it’s time for an easier method for e-commerce.

The store is now located at Blush Rose Decor. We have expanded our offerings from just furniture to all sorts of different home décor, such as textiles and other types of home accessories. It looks fabulous, btw.

If you want a sneak peek, send me a message and I’ll give you the password; yes, it’s password protected until I finalize everything. It just makes it easier to tweak the store without displaying “Please Excuse Our Dust… We’re Still Under Construction” messages.

What’s in store for the Fall blog posts?

I honestly don’t have a clue what to write about next. I could write about my favorite fall recipes, interesting finds on Pinterest, the store, or more stuff about Punky? Do you want to read about the things we have planned for our new home? For me, Fall is the hardest season to write about. Everything is in a lull between the excitement of summer vacation and the lead up to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Please let me know what you want to read about. Leave a comment here or on the blog’s social media accounts. I need your help!

Until next time (and it won’t be so long between posts, I promise!),


xoxo Amanda

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