I’ve had a very hard time thinking about everything I want to say about this in a clear, concise manner. I don’t ever comment on anything political except with my own family because while I like to be informed, I am never able to get out my thoughts without becoming emotional about it. For instance, the 2016 election caused so much tension between myself and my family who still live in the US that we had a huge falling out about our differing political views, and stopped speaking for months.

As you all know, The Husband, Punky, and I are planning on moving to Virginia in 2018. Charlottesville is about an hour away from where we’re planning to move.

The fact that neo-nazis, white supremacists, and the KKK felt comfortable enough to have a gigantic, violent rally in Charlottesville is frightening. It makes me sick to my stomach that one group of hateful people is this large across America. My family is multi-racial, and it scares me thinking that my guys may be targets of such horrid people just because of the color of their skin. It makes me sick that a young woman lost her life because she was standing up for what she believes in. I do not condone racial, political, religious, or any other reasons short of corporal punishment for the worst type of offenders there are. If you are a neo-nazi reading my post, please leave. There is no room for your hate filled rants here.

I’m happy that so many people and corporations have stood up and are condemning neo-nazis and white supremacists. I’m happy that they’re losing their jobs, that they are being banned from social media, and their websites are being shut down. I’m happy that their families are casting them aside because of their views. They should be ashamed of themselves for thinking that racial cleansing is appropriate. They should be outcasts on the fringe of society until they all die out.

Hunger Games for KKK members, anyone? Except in the end there will be no victors. There will be no celebrations, no monuments erected in their honor, only poison berries for every “victor”.

Where we are now, we’re fairly safe. Sure, there are racists here as well, but nothing to the extent of the people who attended the Charlottesville rally. I can walk through the streets of our town from my home to the train station at 5 am to catch the train if I need to, without worrying that I’ll be assaulted for any reason. My husband can walk home from work late at night without worrying about being attacked. I know that if necessary, Punky can walk to school by himself (though I prefer he not because he’s so young still), and there will be other parents who will look out for him to make sure he gets there safely.

This is why I’m scared to move. This is why I’m hesitating on making plans for the future of my family, because of things like this. The media has covered this so often that it’s starting to make me worry about the entire country going down the drain and being handed to racists. American society is going backwards, people. Everyone needs to stand up and fight for what they believe in, what is right, and what will progress the country back into World Superpower territory. We can’t do that with a country full of hatred.

The safe house in Poland is looking more and more like my dream home.


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