8 Tasty Oatmeal Add-Ins You’ve Gotta Try!

You guys, I’m going to admit it. I don’t particularly like oatmeal during ¾ of the year. I know it’s healthy and has tons of benefits, but it’s just so boring.

As the weather has gotten chilly though, it’s been on my mind practically nonstop. I’ve been pinning a ton of oatmeal recipes and bought three family size boxes while they were on sale. What was I going to do with all of these oats?

So, in typical winter mode from the cold and craving comfort food (I swear I turn into a hibernating bear in November), I started eating oatmeal for breakfast every morning. It has been keeping me warm during the morning school run, and full well past lunch time.

We eat Quaker Oats in my house. I’ve tried other brands (even unbranded) oatmeal and honestly, we just prefer Quaker. It’s what I grew up with and it reminds me of home. I don’t like cooking a big batch of oatmeal over the stove for quite a long time in the mornings, and making it in my old style crockpot overnight always means it burns to the bottom even on the low setting. I like things quick – the quicker the better when it comes to my morning routine. My microwave and electric kettle are a blessing in the mornings. I can have my breakfast and coffee ready in three minutes flat!

I actually really like the Quaker Oat So Simple Toffee Apple and Quaker Oat So Simple Protein Cinnamon packets that I found at Asda last week. If you haven’t tried them yet, I am urging you to. They are fabulous!

So, today I’m going to share my favorite oatmeal add-ins, starting with my base recipe that I add everything to. I use soy milk because of lactose intolerance, but I use regular whole milk for The Husband and Punky because they hate soy milk with a passion. Just use whatever you prefer!


Base Recipe:

1 c. Quaker Oats

Dash of salt

2 c. Alpro Light Soya Milk

1 tsp. sugar

Pour everything into a bowl and microwave for 2 – 2.5 minutes. Stir the oatmeal halfway through or it’ll explode all over the microwave and you’ll be left with a mess. Let sit to cool for a minute or two so you don’t burn yourself when you pick up the bowl. This also gives the oats a chance to absorb a bit more of the milk before you add your favorite bits in.

This can be cooked on the stovetop too, I just prefer the quicker method. Cook your oats however you want!


Tasty Additions:

Peach Crumble: ½ tin of sliced peaches in juice (drained and diced), ½ tsp cinnamon, ¼ tsp nutmeg, substitute granulated sugar for light brown sugar, ¼ tsp butter if desired.

Lemon Blueberry: ½ c. blueberries, juice of ½ lemon, ½ tsp lemon zest (if you don’t have fresh lemons for the juice and zest, lemon curd is a delicious substitution! Reduce or omit the amount of sugar you use in the base recipe), ¼ tsp vanilla bean paste. Add the vanilla in with the base recipe before microwaving (it’s stronger than vanilla extract. You’ll want to get rid of the alcohol flavor by cooking) and give it a good stir to distribute through.

Cinnamon Raisin: ½ tsp cinnamon, ¼ c soaked and drained raisins, ¼ tsp vanilla bean paste.

Apple Cinnamon: 1 chopped granny smith apple, peel and core removed, ½ tsp cinnamon, 1/8 tsp nutmeg, ½ tsp lemon juice

Pumpkin Pie: 1/8 c. pureed pumpkin, ½ tsp pumpkin pie spice, replace granulated sugar for light brown sugar

Cherry Almond: ½ c. sliced and pitted cherries, 2 T sliced almonds and just a dash of almond extract

Peanut Butter Banana: 1 T peanut butter, 1 sliced banana, substitute sugar for maple syrup or honey to taste.

Tropical: 2T unsweetened shredded coconut, ¼ c. pineapple chunks packed in juice (drained), ½ sliced banana


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about the 8 Tasty Oatmeal Add-Ins You’ve Gotta Try! Please leave a comment below if there’s an oatmeal recipe that you think I’ve gotta try. If you like this post, please like it and share it on social media.


Until next time,