10 Awesome Halloween Treats for Kid’s Parties

It’s now officially October (I know, a few days late…), and you know what that means! Halloween is just around the corner! We’re going to be exploring all things Halloween this month, so hold onto your broomsticks!  Today we’re going to do a Pinterest roundup of 10 Awesome Halloween Treats for Kid’s Parties. Don’t worry, it’ll all be stuff that’s not too gory or scary for the sensitive ones in the bunch. Believe me, Punky is one of them! All I have to do is sneak up behind him and shout “Boo!” and he’s cowering under his blankets!

Punky’s Costume

Before we get to the not-so-spooky treats, Punky wanted me to tell you all about his Halloween costume. We went out and bought his costume for the school’s Halloween party a few days ago. He’s decided to be a creepy glow in the dark skeleton this year complete with temporary skeleton face tattoos!

Temporary tattoos are a great option for Punky because I can always wipe them off with baby oil, and he won’t feel the heaviness, stickiness, or itchiness of face paint all day. I drew a cat face on him with eyeliner once and all he did was complain until I wiped it off. Imagine what he’d do with the usual cream face paint!

Punky has a creepy skeleton mask that came with his costume (that glows in the dark too), but I’m not sure of the school rules regarding masks so I’m being safe and telling him to keep it at home.

All of these treats listed are Punky approved! He loves to sit on my lap and scroll through my Pinterest feed with me. Anytime he sees something interesting he bounces up and down and says “I want that!!!” and he’s done this with every single thing I’m going to list below.


Our Low Key Halloween Party

This year I plan on having a low-key Halloween party for Punky and his best friend Legoboy. Since Trick or Treating isn’t a huge thing here in The Scottish Borders, the poor kids only get to dress up for an afternoon and then call it quits. It’s a shame!

So, I’d really like to give the kids a little bit of an extended Halloween celebration. This year we’ll be watching (kid friendly) Halloween movies, have a table full of snacks, pizza and maybe hot dogs, and let them run wild in the back garden with glow sticks and torches (flash lights, not actual torches!). It’ll be a blast, while my friend Em and I can sit and relax for a little while, while the kids burn off excess energy. I may even get into the Halloween spirit and don a witch’s hat and long fake nails painted black. *cackle*


10 Awesome Halloween Treats for Kid’s Parties


Witch’s Brew Brownies

First on the list are these amazing Witch’s Brew Brownies from homemadeinterest.com. Melinda originally made these with her daughter to use up leftover Halloween candy, but I think they’d be a great addition to any Halloween Party spread! You can find the recipe here.

Monster Claw Cupcakes

Monsters are a huge hit in my household. Oddly enough we watch monster themed movies all year long. We pretend to be monsters and stomp around the house, and Hotel Transylvania and Monsters Inc are two of Punky’s favorite movies purely because of the monsters. These Monster Claw Cupcakes would be a huge hit for anyone who is like us and adores monsters of all kinds.

Darla at bakingdom.com has a tutorial on how to make the fuzzy monster claw cupcakes, as well as scary ones too. You can find the tutorials and recipes here.

Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats

These Rice Krispie Treats are adorable! I found this on Pinterest (of course), and honestly can’t wait to make them for Punky and his friends. You can find the ingredients for these, plus healthier substitutions from Angie at bigbearswife.com here.

Mini Chocolate Bat Bites

Aren’t these adorable? They’re super quick to make, plus you get to eat any Oreo halves left over! 😉 You can find the assembly instructions from Chelsea at chelseasmessyapron.com here.

Ghost Pretzels

Pretzels are always a huge hit in my house! How great would these look all packaged up in a snack bag for a movie treat? You can find directions on how to make these from Amber at dessertnowdinnerlater.com here.

Halloween Meringue Ghost Lollies

These meringue ghost lollies are a super cute treat that even the pickiest kid would love! I love how versatile meringue is… you can shape it into anything your little heart desires! You can find the recipe for these from Lucy over at supergoldenbakes.com here.

Halloween Muddy Buddies

Who doesn’t love a good muddy buddy recipe? If you can’t find any of the ingredients listed, you can absolutely customize this in Halloween colors, and use Shreddies instead of Rice Chex cereal! You can find the recipe from  apumpkinandaprincess.com here.

Minty Fudge Vampire Brownies

These easy mint Vampire Brownies make a fun Halloween treat!

I adore chocolate and mint together, and it just helps that these vampire brownies are adorable to boot! These are definitely going on the top of my list! You can find the recipe from Cheryl at tidymom.net here.

Spooky Jelly Worms with Oreo Dirt

These worms look fun to try, but I’m not sure how Punky would react to them in real life because he’s kind of freaked out by anything creepy crawly. Once he tastes them though, I’m sure he’ll go nuts! You can find the recipe and instructions from cakescottage.com here.

Zombie Boogers

Have you ever had a craving for Zombie Boogers? Neither have I. This green popcorn looks like just the kind of thing my monster obsessed kid would love though!  The Zombie Booger recipe is from McCormick , and you can find it here.

That’s it for the sweets post this week! Next week we’ll be exploring 10 Spooky Drinks for your Halloween Fete. Enjoy the rest of your day, and I hope you have a good one!

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