June Update 2019


Hello! As excited as I am to share with you the few updates I’ve done to C&K, this will be a more general what’s new on the blog and what’s in the works post.

Resource Pages

You may have noticed a few changes around here. I’ve done a little bit of reorganizing over the last few days; nothing major, but I have added a drop-down menu named Resources Pages. Under that tab you’ll notice that there are two resource pages; one is the original full of links to organizations for those who need assistance. The other is for Home Education Resources. This page is fairly empty, but I’m always looking to add more for those who need it. The home education resources I have listed are ones that we’ve personally tested and that we absolutely love.

I do prefer that the home education resource links do not have a religious aspect. If I’m going to properly test them with Punky, they need to be something we’ll actually use. As a non-religious family, I find it offputting to have to navigate my way through materials and lessons that do not pertain to our lifestyle. I’m not bashing anyone who is religious, I’m just saying those materials do not work for us.

As always, please send in your resource links and I’ll check them out before I add them to the correct page. I have tons of submissions from readers just like you that I’ve added over the last few weeks. To those of you who have submitted resource links that haven’t been added yet, please be patient. I am working my way through a very large list starting from the oldest.

Blush Rose Decor

You’ll also notice that the Blush Rose Décor page is gone, as well as all of the social media accounts for that store. I put in a ton of work to that site, but it wasn’t working as well as I’d hoped. Well, it wasn’t working at all. Rather than spend any more time and money on something that clearly wasn’t working (and that I had lost motivation to try to make work), I’ve moved onto a different opportunity. That will be announced when I’m fully ready to launch. It’s exciting though and is clearly what I’m meant to be doing.

Blog Post Inspiration

As the end of the school year draws closer (Punky still has 2 ½ weeks left…), I’m researching ideas for blog posts for over the summer break. If the weather cooperates, you’ll be reading about my harrowing journey to clean up the garden that we and a few other flats share (that nobody takes responsibility for). It is full of weeds, brambles, overgrown bushes, and a bunch of rubbish that needs to go to the dump. As clumsy as I am, it should be entertaining, to say the least.

If the weather does not cooperate enough for us to be outside, I’ll be sharing my summer break homeschooling worksheets, many recipes I have tucked away in my recipe archives, and some easy to do craft projects.


I have noticed an uptick of downloads of the Self Care Worksheets. Are any of you interested in an updated version? I’ve been creating budgeting worksheets for my own personal use, as well as meal planning calendars and such. I’m happy to share them for free if you want them!

Please keep sharing the resource pages to those who need them. If one person can find a use for them, I’ll be overjoyed. I’m contemplating adding a printable download of the resource page so you can keep it nearby in emergency situations. If that’s something that you’d like to have, let me know and I’ll start working on it.

Thank you, readers!

Thank you for sticking around while I’ve been on hiatus. It’s lovely to see that so many of you haven’t completely abandoned my tiny little blog. I’m aiming to write two blog posts per week, so if you notice me slipping a bit, give me a nudge. You’re all my accountability buddies!

I have a small request. I have been on an 80 day (so far) quest to start getting healthy again, both mentally and physically. If any of you know of exercises for a woman with a bad back and a bum knee to try out, please send them my way. I’ll try nearly anything at this point (except running or swimming. I don’t run unless it’s an emergency, and I don’t know how to swim).

A little thinking exercise before I wrap this up

Think about all of the things that you’d like to see on this blog for the future. Leave a comment below with your suggestions and requests, and I’ll do my best to write up exciting blog posts for you.


Until next time,

Amanda xoxo