The goal for my family in 2018 is to move to Virginia and start a new life. There’s no pressing reason for the move, except the fact that I’ve given Scotland a chance for a decade and I’m still not happy here. It still doesn’t feel like home, and the constant gloomy weather has caused me to become clinically depressed. I’m one of those people who thrive with tons of sunshine and fresh air, and the climate in Scotland just isn’t what I physically need. Add in the fact that I want to be closer than a 15 hour flight to my family in Michigan, with ease of transatlantic flights back to Scotland to see my in laws, and being closer to my support system, it all adds up to a good idea to give living in America another go. It was never the plan to stay in Scotland permanently, or even this long, but life happened and we got a beautiful 7 year old son out of it.

In all of the discussions with my husband on where to move, he’s always had one thing to say; “I don’t care where we live as long as you’re happy”. That left the choice on where to move solely on my shoulders. I have researched places all over the country, places that are full of job opportunities for both of us, with excellent public school systems for Pumpkin to attend, and with a similar cost of living to what we’re used to. Living in the UK is notoriously expensive, so looking at the cost of living charts for the area around Washington D.C. wasn’t all that shocking. We also wanted plenty of opportunity to go out and enjoy ourselves, because our part of Scotland is bare of activities for anyone unless you’re willing to drive or travel on the train for an hour +.


While we don’t mind a slight rise in COL, we are by nature frugal people. Housing costs are outrageous, so finding a home in our price range at the moment is proving challenging. To combat the housing prices, I’ve meticulously scoured the internet for cheap furniture (that doesn’t look cheap), homewares, and even found a deal on the car that I want! Target, Le Creuset Outlet, Autotrader, Ikea, TJ Maxx, and a few other sites have helped me realize that decorating your home well shouldn’t be extremely expensive. I love thrift stores, so I like to search for closeout sales, ex display models of large appliances, well, really anything that’ll help  me save a dollar or two on things that I think will bring joy into my home.

In this search, Excel spreadsheets have been my best friend. I tend to go overboard with lists, plans, charts, budgets, where I plan for every contingency. I can tell you that it can get overwhelming quickly if you do not keep your goal in mind!

Coffee and Kerfuffles was brought to life mostly due to my insomnia kicking in and my brain going into overdrive about all of my plans, worries, thoughts, and needing to move away from the “safe” option of a free wordpress blog.

If you find any good deals that you think I may enjoy, or days out for kids near Washington D.C., please feel free to contact me! I’m always on the hunt for things to do with my family.

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